Viranga Perera

Postdoc at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

On the Issue of Jerks

Over the years, I have slowly developed the art of letting go of my frustration when someone irks me. It is a good ability to have but I am not even close to mastering it since I still get upset when people behave in annoying ways. Humans are weird sometimes and probably unexplainable most of the time. Often I think it is best to talk it out with family or friends, go for a run, and let it go.

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I am neither a historian nor a philosopher but I find both subjects quite interesting. History is fascinating due to the human stories of the past that led to our society. Philosophy is intellectually stimulating since many questions that began in philosophy, such as Earth’s origin, have now been answered by physics, astronomy, and geology. Being curious about these subjects, postmodernism peaked my interest since it is a fundamental concept in the humanities. To learn more about it, I read Postmodernism for Historians by Callum G. Brown.

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A pistol goes off and several people, who were waiting in anticipation, take off running with the single goal of being the first. This means that while running nothing else matters but crossing the finish line before anyone else does. There is a particular race that my mom has told me about many times over the years. It took place several decades ago during a school sports meet at St. Joseph’s College.

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Fifteen years ago today my family and I moved to the United States. I moved because I wanted out of a country at war and towards a place I felt like I belonged. It has been an amazing journey filled with laughs and smiles, tears and fears, hopes and dreams, alternate roads and unexpected triumphs. There is so much to be said about what happened over the last fifteen years. In time, I will try to explain. For now, I would like to mark this anniversary with a poem.

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Thanks for visiting! I started this blog to express myself and in the hope that some of my perspectives and stories will be useful to others. What I write here are my own opinions. I am just another one of the numerous Homo sapiens sapiens and I do not claim to have any special understanding of almost anything.

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