Viranga Perera

Postdoc at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab



A comedic explanation and commentary of the steps involved in applying for American citizenship. All views expressed are meant as political satire.

Vlog about my experience encountering U.S. Border Patrol on a drive from Arizona to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.

Vlog about helping Humane Borders to make sure immigrants don't die of dehydration crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. Thank you to Judith Perera, John Horan, and Dan Abbott for introducing me to this wonderful organization.
This is a performance piece inspired by the stories of recent immigrants to the United States. It is based on the accounts that I have heard firsthand and those from the report "In Their Own Words: Enduring Abuse in Arizona Immigration Detention Centers" by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU, see


The first high-power rocket I built in college

A group of us built this rocket as part of our aerospace engineering undergraduate senior project in 2009. The Black Dragon was powered by a M-class hybrid motor.

Black Dragon's second flight. This is what happens when you have a bad day in the propulsion department and are only able to provide a trust to weight ratio of about 1.


Some friends and I decided to visit Wichita, Kansas over the Labor Day weekend. This video is in response to all those who looked at us funny and asked, "Why Kansas?"
We all have felt fear and many of us have phobias. In this video, I suggest that science could be a cure for phobias. More specifically, that learning science and in turn learning about the things around us could help us live our lives without fear.